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Immediate x Ramblers: Let's Walk Together

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Let's Walk Together

Live dates: February – August 2022 | Key brands: Good Food, olive, BBC Gardeners' World, MadeForMums

The challenge

As an organisation, The Ramblers exists to to help everyone to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking.

During the pandemic, many of us benefitted from the work of The Ramblers, but the charity faced a challenge when it came to raising awareness of how it makes walking routes accessible to all and lobbies to ensure our world-class network of walking routes stays protected.

The Ramblers challenged Immediate to communicate its purpose to a wider, younger demographic, and show that it was a diverse and dynamic organisation that needed support.


Create a content-based campaign that would…

  • Improve awareness and understanding of The Ramblers’ work to protect the walking environment and rights of way across Britain.
  • Inspire and motivate people, especially younger generations, to get outside and enjoy walks/hikes while celebrating the natural environment.
  • Generate new support, interest and leads for The Ramblers’ membership.

“I really enjoyed working with Imagine – it felt like we were one team, working towards getting the right result. Everyone brought their professional skills, but also a real passion for making this campaign a success. Everyone really took the time and effort to understand the campaign’s objectives and work towards a good solution.”

 – Carol Flint, Head of Marketing, Communications and Brand, The Ramblers

Carol Flint, The Ramblers


  • Creation of a central hub of content with a clear call to action to encourage users to engage in measurable participation under the banner of ‘Let’s Walk Together’.
  • Engagement of a movement of advocates of The Ramblers’ work through articles, videos, photo galleries and a competition.
  • Collaboration with a high-profile campaign ambassador for Let’s Walk Together (Jimmy Doherty).
  • Co-branded social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter featuring video ads, editorial content and promotions.
  • Supporting print content and display advertising in Immediate titles including Good Food, Olive and BBC Gardeners’ World.
  • Targeted digital display campaigns running across the Immediate network, one driving to the microsite, one to Ramblers’ site.

Campaign performance

The partnership exceeded a number of its KPIs, particularly around video views and page impressions.

  • 187k

    Microsite page impressions

    50% above target

  • 7.1m

    Social impressions

  • 2.7m

    15" video views

    Against 811k target

  • 12m

    Total campaign reach

    Against 11m target

  • 13.5m

    Digital ad impressions

  • 2.9m

    Miles pledged

“One of the real highlights from our process was working with the Imagine team. The whole team, from the copywriters to the project managers, got behind the Let’s Walk Together campaign and made a powerful contribution to the outcomes. They really understood what we were trying to achieve, and the content produced was seamless.”

– Nik Wheatley, Co-founder, Notorious Communications

Nik Wheatley, Notorious


In Immediate's post-campaign research study, we saw the following uplifts in those people who recalled the campaign, against those who had not been exposed to it…

  • +300%

    likelihood to donate

  • +75%

    likelihood to join

  • +37%

    favourability towards Ramblers

  • +16%

    prompted brand awareness

  • +14%

    awareness in Ramblers' causes

  • +9%

    unprompred brand awareness

Campaign outcomes

  • Campaign targets were exceeded across categories including reach, engagement, opt-in leads and impressions.
  • Increased awareness through engaging content, competition, ambassador involvement.
  • Strong positive sentiment and shares/comments on social indicating successful inspirational messaging.
  • Gathered valuable insights about the target audience’s demographics, interests and content preferences.
  • Effectively drove new leads and membership interest for The Ramblers organisation.