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Start Your Adventure

Live dates: November 2023 – January 2024 | Key brands: BBC TopGear, MadeForMums, Good Food, Radio Times

The challenge

Dacia wanted to generate a buzz around its Sandero and Sandero Stepway models.

The core challenge was bringing Dacia’s brand story – “Everything you need, nothing you don’t” – to life, emphasising its credentials in simplicity and functionality while showcasing an outdoorsy spirit.


  • Increase awareness of Dacia Sandero and Stepway models with car buyers
  • Drive consideration by aligning with key attributes like value, robustness, simplicity
  • Establish Dacia as perfect for outdoor adventures across the UK
  • Reach broad audiences of parents and car enthusiasts


We wanted to produce a campaign that would position the Sandero and Stepway as the ideal companions for effortless trips across the UK countryside. To achieve this, we created…

  • An interactive outdoor adventure guide featuring more than 200 destinations across the UK, tailored
    for families, couples and solo travellers. The guide allowed users to search for destinations by their geographic region and the age of any children in their group.
  • Dual social media campaigns across Top Gear, Radio Times, Good Food and MadeForMums, carefully crafted to reach as many people as possible. For this we tapped into our audiences by interests, including car fans, families and travel/outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Digital audience targeted, high impact takeovers on MadeForMums and Top Gear sites to reach parents and car enthusiasts.

“Dacia is synonymous with outdoor adventure. The Immediate partnership helped us showcase this passion as well as engage with the right audiences for Sandero; people who enjoy spending quality time with families and friends. The results were obvious and the activity not only drove awareness for our brand, but helped to showcase what our brand truly stands for.”

– Liam Diment. Brand Communications Manager, Dacia UK 

Liam Diment. Brand Communications Manager, Dacia UK

Campaign performance

  • 84k

    microsite pageviews

    (106% of target)

  • 13.8m

    digital impressions

    standard formats

  • 6.9m


    (120% of target)

  • 4.56%

    CTR, Radio Times social posts

    3x benchmark

“We are thrilled with the final outcome of this campaign. Particularly noteworthy is the smooth integration of useful content into the site, with Dacia featured in a subtle -yet-impactful way.”

– Samm White, Lead Digital Designer, Imagine

“This site was a first in terms of the volume of content we needed to produce and set up – having the filter functionality on the site provided a seamless way for users to engage with the content and not get overwhelmed for choice. We really enjoyed building this microsite and hope to be able to expand on it for future partnerships.”

– Gavin Day, Head of Web Development, Imagine

Gavin Kelley-Day, Head of Web Production, Imagine, ImmediateSamm White, Lead Digital Designer, Imagine


Amongst those who saw and recalled the campaign, we saw the following increases…

  • 7%

    uplift in brand awareness

    Impact Lite Study

  • 67%

    increase in purchase intent

    Impact Lite Study

  • 150%

    increase in brand preference

    Impact Lite Study

Campaign outcomes

The multi-platform campaign brought users content specifically dialled to their own profile and preferences, which combined with social engagement, high-impact display and optimisation, delivered impressive results. The partnership surpassed targets and drove strong uplifts in brand metrics, raising awareness and consideration for the Dacia Sandero and Stepway.

  • Strong click-through rates to content show high appeal with target groups like parents
  • Microsite and social content aligned Dacia with outdoor adventures and value
  • Campaign resonated in building awareness and consideration by emphasising key attributes and reaching broad audiences