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The Great British Fix Up

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The Great British Fix Up

Live dates: July 18, 2023 - October 11, 2023 | Key brands: BBC TopGear

The challenge

The Vehicle Parts & Accessories (P&A) market is crucial to eBay in the the UK and beyond. The retailer wanted to show that eBay offers an unrivalled selection of quality products from trusted brands.

eBay wanted to boost its unprompted awareness of the P&A proposition, which allows you to find the right parts for your car by simply entering your registration number.

Encouraging trial of the service was key; once somebody makes a purchase, they’re much more likely to recommend it.


Grow awareness and credibility of eBay P&A.


The Great British Fix Up with Top Gear and eBay was a multi-faceted partnership that threaded eBay’s P&A offering across multiple outlets, bringing to life real stories and real advice to eBay’s target audience.

Core to this project was our Great British Fix Up video series. We recruited Lisa and Russ, the proud owner of a Talbot Pilote camper van (named Gloria), and showcased their journey restoring their vehicle using only parts from eBay’s P&A range. Presented by Ortis Deley, the series followed the family as they took on the challenge of bring Gloria back to her former retro glory.

  • Content hub on TopGear.com site featuring articles and videos
  • Social campaign across Top Gear platforms
  • ‘Fix Up’ video series, documenting family campervan restoration using eBay parts
  • Tutorial videos, demonstrating eBay parts used in DIY upgrades
  • Print advertorials and display ads

Campaign performance

  • 186k

    hub pageviews

    (144% over target)

  • 113m

    social reach

    (7% over target)

  • 592k

    social video views

    (697% over target)

  • 30%+

    video view-through rate

    (Double benchmark)

  • 10m

    digital ad impressions

  • 30%

    viewthrough rate

    Benchmark 15.9%

“Our partnership with Top Gear has exceeded targets and helped us deepen our connection with customers. The engagement levels have blown us away; from the educational ‘how-to’ hacks to the uplifting eBay Fix Up series.

“Meeting passionate motorists where they are has allowed us to be more targeted in our mission to drive awareness and credibility of our car parts and accessories offering – all without compromising our goal to spark joy with the content.”

– Christina Marshall, Brand Marketing Manager, eBay 

Christina Marshall, Brand Marketing Manager, eBay

Campaign outcomes

  • Uplift of 67% in brand preference (Impact Lite study).
  • 94%+ probability of brand lift on social ads (Meta brand uplift study).
  • 99.9% probability of lift on standard favorability and action intent (Meta brand uplift study).
  • +2.5% brand lift percentage on standard favorability (Meta benchmark 2.4%).
  • Content resonated with audience, establishing credibility.
  • Strong results assert eBay as go-to for parts & accessories.