Good Food’s top performing recipes show traditional flat pancakes are facing competition

Monday 12 February, 2024

Pancake Day is the busiest day of the year for BBC Good Food, the UK’s number one food media brand, with almost six million page views to on Pancake Day in 2023.

The most popular recipe for several years has been BBC Good Food’s Cassie Best’s traditional Easy Pancakes, but the rise of fluffy pancakes has seen them take second and third place on the most viewed recipes on, and they now make up four of the top 10 most viewed recipes.

BBC Good Food’s Food Director Cassie Best, says: “We have definitely seen a trend in searches and page views on for fluffy pancakes of all varieties. People love the fact that they can make them into a stack and add colourful toppings which gives them huge visual appeal, perfect for social media posts. Just like the flat crepe-style pancake, they work well with sweet or savoury toppings, and they don’t take that much longer to make. The only downside is that you can’t flip them in the same way you can a flat pancake and flipping is part of the fun of Pancake Day for many of us. Personally, I’ll be making both, with a savoury main course crepe and a fluffy stack for dessert.”

The top ten most viewed pancake recipes on are

Easy pancakes
2. American pancakes
3. American blueberry pancakes
4. Chocolate-stuffed pancakes with caramelised banana
5. Fluffy American pancakes with cherry-berry syrup
6. Scotch pancakes
7. Fluffy Japanese-style pancakes
8. Easy banana pancakes
9. Eggs Benedict pancakes
10. Ham & cheese pancakes

For over a hundred pancake recipes and suggestions for the best toppings and fillings for every taste and dietary requirements, go to Plus there is a foolproof video guide to how to flip your pancake and guides for the best pans, spatulas and Pancake Day kitchen equipment